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Remember to include YOUR affiliate Hoplink URL or you wont get your commissions!

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Please feel free to use these resources in your own Psoriasis Program campaigns. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you have a specific request regarding banners or product images.

What is a Viral PDF?

A viral PDF is a document containing valuable information on a particular topic like psoriasis that is created for the purpose of being distributed around the internet for FREE.

In doing so, affiliates just like you are able to re-brand information from somebody else with their own affiliate links so that they can earn money when people read the document, click on the links, and make a purchase.

Good viral PDFs (like the one below) can reach literally thousands of people with psoriasis and prove very lucrative to the affiliates who help to spread it!

 13-Page Psoriasis Program Shopping List


This is a great document for those who want to use this comprehensive white paper to build their psoriasis list.

Download Here



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