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Do you know why most people aren’t falling over themselves to sign up for your blog updates? Most people today are reluctant to just sign-up for anything, they want a good reason to get even more email in their inbox.

In fact, this reason has to be so powerful, so valuable, that it easily outweighs all their reasons not to sign-up. To put this another way – why not bribe them with something of real value?

I’m sure you’ve seen it many times before: “Just sign-up for my newsletter and receive my free e-book XYZ123.” And while it may seem like a generous offer of giving free content to a stranger, it is a bribe plain and simple!

What you are basically offering is high quality content not available on your blog in exchange for a your reader’s email address. But the only problem is this, creating an effective bribe isn’t  as simple as it sounds. You have to offer something really tempting, something of real value and in fact it would be something that your reader would even be prepared to pay money for in exchange for their email address.

Here is that quality information – Viral PDF  Use this Psoriasis Program Shopping List (13 pages) to help you get sign-ups in order for you to build your list.

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The Psoriasis Program E-Mail Series

The Psoriasis Program E-Mail Course welcomes your newly opted-in subscribers and gives them plenty of great information about how to overcome their psoriasis quickly, naturally and without the fear of side-effects. This series can also prompt your subscriber to buy their own copy of The Psoriasis Program.

The Psoriasis Program email series explores many different aspects of natural psoriasis treatment in bite-sized pieces delivered over several weeks and very manageable for your reader. The goal is to keep your new psoriasis reader engaged the moment she receives the first email in the series and to lead her though the key Psoriasis Program principles – instead of leaving her waiting for your next article or hoping she will explore your blog all by herself.

When you have an auto-responder set-up (such as AWeber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, etc.) your emails will be delivered on autopilot, your subscriber is automatically sent an email based on a given frequency, with each email building on the one before, and I suggest weekly emails.

The Psoriasis Program E-Mail Course is a FREE 12-part series designed just for affiliates for you, this series contains many tips on overcming psoriasis naturally and each weekly instalment even contains a You Tube video to increase your conversions and turn your subscribers become buyers of The Psoriasis Program.

Minimum Requirements

I have already created useful and engaging psoriasis content for you for FREE, broken down into 12 weekly installments, giving you the ability to increase your chances of converting your subscribers into buyers. On the technical side, you will need an email service like AWeber or Mailchimp. They have both free as well as paid versions, why not get started with the free version and upgrade over time as the need arises?

Use these copy and paste resources to earn commissions through the Ultimate Psoriasis Program affiliate program.

Use these emails to contact your audience and send visitors through your Ultimate Psoriasis Program affiliate links. You’ll get the best results if you add these emails to your auto-responder sequence.

Consider Infusionsoft if you are a more advanced onlin emarketer. You can also use a self-hosted email marketing program like me called Interspire. Either way, you will almost definitely want to use an email marketing program to increase your database of customers and increase sale and I think that AWeber or Mailchimp are great places to start if you are inexperienced.

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