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Naturopathic physician Eric Bakker, author of a successful Clickbank product called Candida Crusher has created his second product called The Psoriasis Program.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that 3 percent of the world’s population suffer from, and is a hot niche in the alternative medicine self-help area. Are you already an affiliate of a psoriasis product? Consider The Psoriasis Program, the best natural self-help information for psoriasis sufferers by a medical author who has already published a highly successful product on CB.

General Product Information

ultimatepsoriasisprogramProduct Name: The Psoriasis Program
Affiliate Payout: 75% of $47.00 = $35.25
*Replace oxxxo with your ClickBank Affiliate ID


Avoid Psoriasis Products That Claim To “Cure”

Unlike some other psoriasis affiliate products on ClickBank, The Psoriasis Program was written by a medical professional who has personally treated thousands of psoriasis patients who does not claim to “cure psoriasis in a few days”. Psoriasis is an incurable condition but with the right natural medicine treatment sufferers can experience significant relief and live almost normal lives free from flare-ups.

When a psoriasis sufferer follows The Psoriasis Program, the psoriasis he or she will rarely experience flare-ups or aggravations. It is wrong and immoral to claim “cures” with psoriasis, and Dr. Bakker’s advice is to treat these false claims and any product associated with them with the contempt they deserve.

The Psoriasis Program is the internet’s most comprehensive self-help natural medicine protocol that is clinically-proven to work for psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis. There is no book, e-book or natural treatment program that comes close to the quality and comprehension of The Psoriasis Program. You can see a the comprehensive overview of The Psoriasis Program here.

psoriasis types

The Psoriasis Program is aimed at chronic psoriasis sufferers who are desperate for a solution and is available as a ZIP folder download (8MB) containing the 13 separate PDF documents (over 600 pages) that can be downloaded to a computer. Amazing value!

Fantastic Conversions With The Right Audience

Happy man thumbs up sign full length portrait on white backgrounFACT: 49 percent of psoriasis sufferers have given up on conventional treatment (side-effects or high cost) and are hungry for the best natural health-care options for their skin.

When The Psoriasis Program is promoted to a psoriasis sufferer looking for a natural, drug-free solution for their chronic skin problem, the conversion of this product is very high and the refund rate almost zero – because the product is high quality and does not disappoint.

More Traffic Will Simply Mean More Sales And More $$$

onlaptopEric suggests that you get busy writing blog posts and contributing to psoriasis forums along with plenty of social media contributions, particularly Facebook and Twitter. There are many psoriasis sites that are open to contribution and specialty information sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon are also worth contributing to . Another good source of writing articles to get traffic is Don’t forget to create a great Google+ account with plenty of regular activity like psoriasis posts from . Figure on spending an hour or two at least every day online for several months to build some real momentum, then you can taper off activity. Regular contributions are important but not as critical as in the beginning. After a couple of years you will be surprised how nicely sales will be going and you will notice a regular monthly paycheck from ClickBank.

High-Converting Mobile-Optimized Sales Page

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The Psoriasis Program is very well supported with a well-tested and high converting mobile optimized sales page as well as a video sales page. We have a dedicated in-house online marketing team involved in continually testing website changes and conversion rates.

Continual Income Stream

Because Psoriasis Program pays you a fantastic 75% commission for every download edition you will receive $35.25 for every book you sell, and this can mount up pretty quickly. You only need to sell 10 Programs a month to make a respectable $350.00. Continuity of income stream is assured if you work from time to time on your marketing strategy such as banner ads on PPC, paid Facebook advertising, regular blog posts to build up your list. Be sure to use the Psoriasis Program Shopping List as a draw card to sign people up to your newsletter. I’ve got both the Shopping List and a 13 part auto-responder email series for you, you will find these under Affiliate Resources. The third factor that makes the Psoriasis Program affiliate program work so well for affiliates is that the “Treat Psoriasis Naturally” is still uncrowded and conversion rates remain very high with quality products.

Who Pays You The Commissions?

Clickbank does, they are the most trusted 3rd party Affiliate Program manager online.I have worked with these guys for many years and always been very pleased with their service. They send cheques and wires out weekly or twice a month and are always on time. They have never failed to make me a payment yet.

ClickBank Account

If you haven’t already done so, you need to sign-up for a Clickbank account. Once you have created an affiliate name you will be able to log into your account and be able to look at a lot of information with regards to how many people you’ve managed to send to the Psoriasis Program (called “hops”), how many order form impressions were made – and more importantly – how many converted into buyers and how much money you’ve made, and you can do all of this in real time, it is amazing!

Facts About The Psoriasis Program Affiliate Program

  • Our product is superior compare that to any other competing product in this niche – we absolutely guarantee this.
  • Our product was made by a highly-experienced doctor with a proven track record on ClickBank in the natural medicine niche.
  • Our product is the ONLY psoriasis product designed from the ground up by a doctor in clinical practice for 27 years. NO other psoriasis product on CB can claim this!
  • We only use ClickBank, so you are assured of getting your regular commissions
  • We have been selling on ClickBank since May 2013 and are growing stronger by the day.
  • We support our affiliates with banners, affiliate codes, quality white papers and even a 12-part email auto-responder series.
  • Our Program customers love us. They write ‘thank you so much’ emails to Dr. Bakker.
  • You can feel good about the product you are promoting and the money you make because it is improving lives out there!

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