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Many patients want to learn more about psoriasis, and are unfortunately not told much about their condition by their medical doctor. Psoriasis comes from the Greek word psora, meaning fine bran like scaling. Psoriasis afflicts 1% – 4% of the general population, and is a type of chronic skin condition where itchy scaly red or white flaky patches form on the scalp (in approximately 40% of cases), elbows, forearms, knees, groin, and legs or lower back. For many it is a condition that seems to “come and go,” and may appear as a few spots or involve large areas. It is not contagious, either to other body parts or other people. It is characterized by thickening of the skin (epidermis), which reveals bleeding points upon removal of the scale. Read more here…

The Psoriasis Diet is an extremely important consideration when it comes to looking for a permanent psoriasis resolution. Every single patient I have seen over the years with psoriasis benefit immensely from changing their diet, I have seen no exceptions. The same holds true for those with eczema and dermatitis, a good diet plan can bring about a huge change in the symptoms. It makes sense to change your diet as soon as possible if you have psoriasis, or more likely as soon as you’ve had enough of the itchy, scaly red skin that always seems to irritate you either by the symptoms felt on a daily basis, like showering for some, or with the unsightly lesions you would rather be rid of. Read more here…

Part of the joy of cooking is choosing the ingredients- especially when this involves selecting fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables and trying out new, unusual and exotic foods. Always buy the freshest ingredients possible, they contain more vitamins and minerals and have a much better flavor and texture than preserved foods. Grains, pulses, flours, cereals and herbs and spices, however, generally keep for at least 3 months, so it is worth maintaining a small store of basic dry ingredients, particularly those that need to be soaked or cooked in advance. It is also useful to keep a small selection of canned or bottled fruit, vegetables and beans for emergencies. But try to select those without artificial additives or a high sugar or salt content and use them by the “best before” date. Read more here…

The psoriasis lifestyle is an important but generally overlooked consideration when it comes to recovery from psoriasis. Psoriasis is an ailment that responds very well to a healthy change in diet and lifestyle. There are definitely ways to prevent outbreaks and deal with symptoms, and they are not that hard!. There are many pharmaceutical medications and creams that can be used to treat psoriasis, but they require constant use and can cost lots of money over time. The best thing you can do for yourself initially is to change your lifestyle and prevent the outbreaks. It makes a lot of sense to try this first, instead of adopting not so healthy ways of living and then having to resort to drugs to get rid of the symptoms. Read more here…

Your skin is one of your primary concerns when it comes to psoriasis. So far, we have explored and learned about what to eat when you have psoriasis, lifestyle and environmental considerations, and how stress affects the mind and immune system. We have looked at the link between yeast infections and psoriasis, the importance of cleansing and detoxification and how leaky gut syndrome is one of the big contributing factors in the underlying inflammation that most all psoriasis patients suffer with. For some psoriasis patients I see, seeking relief from skin problems can be their lifelong quest. Many people search everywhere for that perfect cure yet never quite seem to find it, even after buying self-help books, and spending lots of time and money searching for cures which eventuate to nothing more than wasted money and time. Read more here…

While supplements are not mandatory, you will find many benefits by adding certain specialized dietary supplements into your daily regime. Many patients have asked me over the years what the best dietary supplements are to take for their psoriasis, and in The Psoriasis Program I have written an entire book outlining the best supplements, herbal medicines, special foods as well as herbal teas you can take that will all assist in helping you eradicate psoriasis without fear of any unwanted side effects. Dietary supplements can be extracts or concentrates, and they can occur in many forms, such as tablets, capsules, soft gels, gel caps, liquids or powders. Many of my patients find that including vitamins and supplements in their diet helps to keep their skin clear, and allows the skin to heal that much faster. Read more here…

Psoriasis Program Success Stories

Robert - Chronic Hand and Nail Psoriasis - Gone

Hi Eric,

I am delighted to tell you that my hands have almost cleared up. I am so pleased because it was very embarrassed the way my hands would look, especially when I was out and about with my wife and our friends. I must admit that I found the recommendations a bit tough to begin with but am used to them now. It only took three months to notice the dramatic improvement, and my hands have almost cleared up entirely now thanks to your advice. But the other good news is that I’ve lost almost 30 pounds (15 kilograms) of body weight in the same period, and my wife is very happy as well.

Thank you for your work, I wish you all the best.

Robert Numacher, Napier, New Zealand

Terry - Chronic Leg Psoriasis - Gone

I’m keen to let you know how much my skin on my legs in particular has improved since I began the psoriasis program. I have been amazed that the treatment recommendation actually has cleared nearly all the psoriasis I had on my arms (as well as my legs particularly affected). I am please to tell you that due to the instructions in your books (the ‘quick start guide’ was great) I found the program easy to do.

I had no idea how important it was to change my lifestyle and diet especially as you have so clearly pointed out in your e-books. I was impressed how much information your books contain, I especially liked the advice you give in the book about natural skin treatments, because I’ve been using creams recommended by my dermatologist for over twenty years with little relief.

I appreciate your expert advice and personal engagement and that you offer your clinical online service. I have attached a few photos of my left leg and you can see how well your treatment recommendations have worked for me. I am very grateful, and God bless!

Terry Wiseman, Maidstone, England

Paul - Chronic Knee Psoriasis - Gone

To whom it may concern, I have been suffering from terrible psoriasis patches on my knees for many years and my doctor told me that I would always have it and to get used to it. It used to cause me a lot of problems and I lost confidence in summer when I wanted to wear short trousers.
I discovered the Psoriasis Program by chance on the Internet and am very happy with the outcome. After a diet overhaul and switching to the natural skin treatment that Dr. Bakker recommends in his book I noticed a difference quickly but after 8 months I hardly have this problem any more and couldn’t be happier. I was using steroid creams and was worried about their side effects, I no longer use these creams and I am happy.  Thank you for offering this treatment program for people like me who have chronic psoriasis, I wish you well in the future and can recommend your program to anybody who wants to get away from steroids and other drug treatments. It worked for me.
Paul Thornton, New York, USA